Welcome to CambEchem, delivering a range of electrochemical solutions:


Electrodes: Order your Cambechem micro or macro electrode.


Consultancy: Our consultant has delivered on a wide range of electrochemical projects from sensors to fuel cells to battery systems, this work has been recognised multiple times by the Royal Society of Chemistry most recently the Industrial Analytical Science Award 2016


Electrochemical Masterclasses: We have teamed up with Dr. Adrian Fisher from Cambridge University to provide a series of Electrochemical Masterclasses. Our inaugural event is the Electrochemical Sensors Masterclass.


High Temperature and Pressure Systems: Understanding and developing high temperature and pressure electrochemical systems is becoming more attactive to researchers and industrialists alike. We will work with you in the design and manufacture of bespoke High Temperature and Pressure Flow Systems to these your system.


Bespoke Electrochemical Systems: We will help you design, develop and test electrochemical sensors, fuel cells and batteries which operate under these conditions.